Thursday, August 5, 2010

Eating Out - Burgers

The only reason to visit.

Rogue States (Burgers)

The newest competitor in DC's premium burger war, Rogue States, just opened not far from where we live and work, so we stepped in to try a burger one afternoon when a Chop't salad just didn't seem hearty enough.

  • We both played it safe with the classic bacon cheeseburger. The "exotic" burgers didn't really sound that great or interesting.
  • They try to pack too much flavor into the patty (the wall literally uses the phrase "flavor flav" to describe the burgers). It's a lot like how the steaks at Outback all taste like that "Australian" spice rub. Except they don't have bloomin onions, so Outback at least has that going for them.
  • The only - I repeat only - thing that would get me to go back to Rogue States is a cup of their perfectly cooked sweet potato fries.
  • Much like Good Stuff, the fries are kicked up a notch by the assortment of flavored mayos. The old bay seasoned mayonnaise is damn good, but the wasabi mayo is unreal.
  • Save your money, go to Five Guys.

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