Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Road Trip - West Virginia

Hitting the rapids.

This past weekend Kathryn and I, along with our DC friends Jim and Kristin, went for a great weekend getaway in West Virginia. We headed out from DC after work on Friday, which resulted in us putting up tents at 2am. Fortunately, this weekend I was able to cash in on a bunch of my underused skills like putting up tents and building campfires. We spent Saturday whitewater rafting (a first time for me!). The rivers are fairly dry in the late summer, so the trip may not have been up to its full potential. It was still one of the best weekend trips we've ever done. We took the long way home on Sunday and stopped at a bunch of random stuff in WV and VA.

Take a look....

Our campsite in the day time. Our new tent is the little one on the left.

Chilling out fireside.

Kathryn chomping down on a smore. I'm convinced that this is the reason she likes to go camping.

The four of us at the New River Gorge on the way home.

We stopped to check out the natural bridge in Natural Bridge, Virginia.

We also discovered Foamhenge, a recreation of Stonehenge (to scale) made entirely of Styrofoam. A must see American roadside treasure.

One last whitewater rafting shot. The pictures we bought didn't scan too well, unfortunately.

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