Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Eating Out - Food Trucks

Good thing I didn't order that side of potato salad.

Sauca (International/Food Truck)

I've tried my best to document a number of DC culinary trends, including the gourmet burger, cupcakes, and wood fire pizzas. One arena of DC food trends I didn't get around to trying until today is the food truck. Food trucks are huge all over the country right now, and DC is jumping on the bandwagon. Here's my first (of hopefully many) food truck lunches. I signed up for Twitter this week just so I could find out who would be slinging lunch near my workplace.

  • Sauca uses the tagline "Eat the World." I generally find that eateries that offer a lot of different cuisines fall flat, but Sauca may have pulled it off. At least my lunch was really good. I can't speak for the other menu offerings.
  • I had the pork banh mi sauca. It was essentially a large pita stuffed with soy and chili stewed pork with rice, pickled veggies, and a mix of Thai peanut and coconut curry sauces.
  • I usually don't like to have a meal with just one item (I love sides), but this one item lunch was more than enough.
  • I also had a bottle of the refreshing limunad (that's how they spell it, I just said lemonade). The lemon flavor was dominated by the "mint and orange blossom." I thought it tasted like rose. I'll probably get it again, but I doubt it's for everybody.
  • It was kind of nice to eat lunch in the heat listening to the traffic and homeless people begging for money. You know, the true DC experience.

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