Thursday, August 19, 2010

Eating Out - Steakhouse

Almost forgot to take the picture.

The Palm (Steakhouse)

This is a sleepy time in Washington, DC: it's too hot to move around, the interns are leaving town, the college students have yet to arrive, and - most importantly - Congress is on recess. That last one means fewer big shots glad handing around town. This is a good thing for the rest of us because the limited business means one thing - DC Restaurant Week. A number of the nicer establishments in town sign on to offer three course fixed rate lunch and dinner menus at $20 and $35, respectively. This great opportunity only rolls around twice a year (there's a winter addition).

This week we only had the chance to hit one restaurant week meal, and we headed to the famous steakhouse The Palm in DuPont Circle. You may have seen this one on the DC travel shows or in the guidebooks. It's the one with charactertures of famous patrons on the wall.

  • Kathryn joined me and some friends from work (and Purdue, of course) for the prix fixe lunch. We both ended up ordering the Caesar salad followed by fillet medallions in red wine sauce with onions and mushrooms.
  • The two side dishes were served family style for the whole table to split (creamed corn, potato chips, and fried onions). This inevitably made me feel like a pig and worry that I was taking more than my share.
  • We did order different deserts. Kathryn went with the peanut butter pie, and I had the cheesecake. I normally don't eat cheesecake, but at a steakhouse where the waiters wear white jackets, the choice seemed appropriate.
  • All of the food was delicious but a bit rich, which made my afternoon productivity plummet.
  • Cokes were only 8oz (kind of a rip off).
  • This lunchtime menu is available every day, not just during restaurant week, but the prices are discounted. Kathryn and I saved a total of $1.70 off of the usual price. What a bargain!

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