Thursday, August 12, 2010

Getting Out - Ultimate Frisbee

In beautiful Anacostia

Since we've moved to DC Kathryn and I have joined the Washington Area Frisbee Club (WAFC) and played in both spring and summer rec leagues. Kathryn is brand new to the sport, and I'm back after a considerable amount of time off. But, we've still had a lot of good times and met some really nice folks. We also got the chance to play with a friend of mine from SLU last spring and a our good friend (and regular reader) Tani from Purdue this summer.

After a dreadful start of the season, I'm happy to report our summer league team is now fighting back toward 500. Our most recent game was particularly exciting in that (1) we won, (2) Kathryn scored a point, and (3) I had three assists. Our season closes in a couple weeks with the league tournament. Wish us luck!

Darkwing Huck after a hard fought victory.

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