Thursday, August 5, 2010

Getting Out - Fort Reno

The Evens

When we decided to move to DC, I didn't know much about the city. I knew that the summers were notoriously humid, and I knew the town was the birthplace of hardcore punk, one of my favorite musical genres. Monday night we went to see a DC punk rock legend, Ian MacKaye, at Fort Reno with his current band, The Evens (a duo with his wife).

The thing I love about Fort Reno is that the lineup is usually made up of different rock bands. The crowd is surprisingly similar to what you would find at the usual "on the grass" summer events like jazz (which nobody really likes), symphonies (ditto), and Shakespeare (ditto, unless you teach drama). It's still a lawn full of picnics, sleepy dogs on leashes, little kids playing in the grass, and an ice cream truck. Just no alcohol. No drugs. DC hardcore style.

Kathryn enjoying an assortment of tofus and salads from the nearby Whole Foods.

Ian MacKaye's good buddy Henry Rollins was there to catch the show and help carry equipment. It's weird that these two dudes have been doing this together for 35 years.

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